[MLton] new SML project?

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Wed, 22 Jun 2005 00:06:17 -0700

I had a thought as to how we might make progress on building libraries
and motivate things a bit.  We now have about 50 members on the MLton
list, and judging from responses it seems that a fair number of them
actually read it, at least occasionally.  I wonder if we might be able
to find a project of broad enough interest to people that we could
start development of a new (non-compiler!) piece of software written
in SML, which naturally would need libraries.  The software should
have the following properties:

 * new (not a copy of some existing software)
 * useful (people not in the SML world would want it)
 * nontrivial (not just a few man-weeks work)
 * compelling (to the people on this list, who will build it)

I have no idea if there is such a project, but I thought I'd open up
discussion and see if anyone can bring up an idea that sticks.  The
point is both to name things that you would like to see and to name
things that you would be willing to work towards to make happen.