[MLton] Welcome to Gergely Buday

Matthew Fluet fluet@cs.cornell.edu
Thu, 3 Mar 2005 08:33:33 -0500 (EST)

Welcome to Gergely Buday who has joined the MLton mailing list.  He has 
been interested in Standard ML since 1994 and wrote an SNMP implementation 
as his Master's thesis.  While he hasn't had much time to program in SML 
or use mlton recently, he is interested in learning more about the 
internals of MLton.

Gergely also writes:

> Also, I have a little project in my mind: mlj compiles a functor-free subset
> of SML. As far as I remember, mlton has a defunctorizer. In theory plugging
> this defunctorizer as a front-end of mlj seems to be easy - practice may
> show its opposite, I'm afraid. Please comment on this proposal.

Unfortunately, it has been a number of years now since MLton's
defunctorizer could be used as a stand alone program extraction tool.  At
the present tine, the defunctorizer is intimately tied into type-checking
and elaboration, and it would not be a trivial (or even desirable) task to

> Another thing: I'm learning how to develop an eclipse plug-in at the moment,
> so in a few months' time I will have the necessary knowledge and experience
> to start building one for SML. SML/NJ seems better for an IDE, but mlton
> could be a "production" compiler of the system. Again, please comment. Using
> mlj for writing parts of a plug-in is also in my mind, probably just a
> theoretical possibility.

Well, a number of members on this list will be very excited to hear this.  
There was a recent thread on the list asking about more IDE support.  See:

Again, welcome!