[MLton] Welcome to Gergely Buday

Alexandre Xlex0x835@rambler.ru
Thu, 3 Mar 2005 21:05:30 +0300


>> Another thing: I'm learning how to develop an eclipse plug-in at the 
>> moment,
>> so in a few months' time I will have the necessary knowledge and 
>> experience
>> to start building one for SML. SML/NJ seems better for an IDE, but 
>> mlton
>> could be a "production" compiler of the system. Again, please 
>> comment. Using
>> mlj for writing parts of a plug-in is also in my mind, probably just a
>> theoretical possibility.
> Well, a number of members on this list will be very excited to hear 
> this.

One of that user - it's me.. .=)
To be honest, I also ask the same question (about IDE) at the sml/nj 
list, and as far as I understand nobody do that job now, and the only 
thing they say, it's that it should be not very hard to add needed 
functionality to the http://eclipsefp.sourceforge.net/...