[MLton] mingwows

Stephen Weeks MLton@mlton.org
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 09:38:57 -0800

> Second, please *do* include mlton.bat. Compared to cygwin, I very
> much like the minimal install associated with the MinGW version:
> just install MinGW with appropriate components, put the mlton
> distribution into a C:\mlton directory, set your path, and away you
> go. No messing with environment variables and paths and whatnot.

How do the MinGW packages I just built work for you?  These are
different than Wesley's, but perhaps are still fine.  The intention
was certainly that one could install and use MLton MinGW package
without Cygwin, and without messing with environment variables or
paths.  MLton lives in C:/MinGW, which seems like the most sensible
choice since it is the default installation location for MinGW.
Provided you have MSYS, after unpacking MLton, you should be able to
just type "mlton" at an MSYS command line and have it work.  Is that
the case for you?

I'm wondering what advantage the bat script has over the standard
MLton script that can be run in MSYS?  Would there really be people
who have MinGW but not MSYS, and so would prefer to run MLton from a
DOS shell?

> Why would you *not* include the mlton.bat script?

We will if I can be made to understand the right way to do it :-)

Given the latest tgz layout, I believe I could add the .bat file as
"mingw/bin/mlton.bat" and have the lib be set via

  set lib=c:\MinGW\lib

Does that seem right?  How would I test that this works?