[MLton] Testing with SML/NJ

Ben Chambers gtg983q@mail.gatech.edu
Wed, 5 Apr 2006 13:57:53 -0400

Is there anyway to run MLton using SML/NJ?  I have looked through the makefiles
for a way of doing this, and also tried using CM.make with the sources.cm (and
mlton.cm).  I have been using "make all-no-docs" to compile with MLton, but the
this takes so long to compile that it makes it hard to use for testing.

I have finished hacking a CPS transform onto MLton, but now I need to be able to
test it to make sure it works correctly.  Waiting 4 hours between builds seems
like a somewhat silly way of doing things, so I figured I would ask people with
more experience working with MLton.

Ben Chambers