[MLton] MLton Installation question

Christian Urban urbanc@in.tum.de
Wed, 5 Apr 2006 23:51:55 +0200

Hi Stephen,

I have some problems with installing MLton on a
powerpc running linux. I have NJ v110.58 installed
and thought I could bootstrap from there. I did

 1) unpacked the sources
 2) renamed mllex to ml-lex in mlton/front-end/Makefile 
    (In my, what I thought, standard installation of
     NJ mllex is called ml-lex; similarly ml-yacc. This
     brings me quite far in the next step.)

 3) compiled with make nj-mlton

However after quite some compiling activity I receive 
the error:

mv /usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/mlb-path-map.tmp /usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/mlb-path-map
touch /usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/target-map
( sed '/self/d' </usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/target-map;           \
        echo 'self powerpc linux' )     \
mv /usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/target-map.tmp /usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/lib/target-map
Creating constants file.
/usr/local/src/mlton-20051202/build/bin/mlton -build-constants true >tmp.c
Unable to run MLton.  Check that lib is set properly.
make[1]: *** [constants] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/mlton-20051202'
make: *** [nj-mlton] Error 2

What do I do wrong? Do I need to adjust the lib-path somewhere?

Thanks a lot for any help,