[MLton] def-use-mode

Matthew Fluet fluet at tti-c.org
Mon Feb 12 12:11:09 PST 2007

Vesa Karvonen wrote:
> I just committed (http://mlton.org/pipermail/mlton-commit/2007-January/001077.html)
> a preliminary, semi-usable version of the def-use mode I started working on a long
> time ago (http://mlton.org/pipermail/mlton/2006-April/028599.html).

Not to complain, but the def-use-mode has stopped working for me on an 
updated SVN tree.  I don't get any errors when loading, but after 
setting a def-use file with esml-mlton-du (and the background parsing 
has finished), it always says 'Sorry, no information on the symbol at 
point'.  Nothing else interesting shows up in the Messages log.

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