[MLton] Interference Graphs

Matthew Fluet fluet at tti-c.org
Tue Feb 13 08:23:07 PST 2007

Eric McCorkle wrote:
> Actually what I need is to get SSA, preferably in a form suitable to be 
> translated into a control-flow-graph and instructions.  I'll be doing 
> the translation and analysis myself.

Well, MLton will happily output each of it's SSA intermediate languages; 
just use the option(s) '-keep ssa -keep ssa2 -keep rssa'.  We haven't 
written parsers for these ILs, but you shouldn't find it too hard to 
analyze them.  The only difference from a 'traditional' SSA is that we 
use 'goto with arguments' rather than 'phi-nodes'.

I would suggest looking at the .ssa, .ssa2, and .rssa files for a few 
example programs.  Feel free to ask if you have questions about ILs.

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