This is an archived public release of MLton, version 20051202.

Changes since the last public release

  • The MLton license is now BSD-style instead of the GPL.

  • New platforms: X86/MinGW and HPPA/Linux.

  • Improved and expanded documentation, based on the MLton wiki.

  • Compiler.

    • improved exception history.

    • Command-line switches.

      • Added: -as-opt, -mlb-path-map, -target-as-opt, -target-cc-opt.

      • Removed: -native, -sequence-unit, -warn-match, -warn-unused.

  • Language.

    • FFI syntax changes and extensions.

      • Added: _symbol.

      • Changed: _export, _import.

      • Removed: _ffi.

    • ML Basis annotations.

      • Added: allowFFI, nonexhaustiveExnMatch, nonexhaustiveMatch, redundantMatch, sequenceNonUnit.

      • Deprecated: allowExport, allowImport, sequenceUnit, warnMatch.

  • Libraries.

    • Basis Library.

      • Added: Int1, Word1.

    • MLton structure.

      • Added: Process.create, ProcEnv.setgroups, Rusage.measureGC, Socket.fdToSock, Socket.Ctl.getError.

      • Changed: MLton.Platform.Arch.

    • Other libraries.

  • Tools.

    • Updates of mllex and mlyacc from SML/NJ.

    • Added mlnlffigen.

    • Profiling supports better inclusion/exclusion of code.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since Release20041109, see the changelog and Bugs20041109.

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