This is an archived public release of MLton, version 20070826.

Changes since the last public release

  • New platforms:

  • Compiler.

    • Support for 64-bit platforms.

      • Native amd64 codegen.

    • Compile-time options.

      • Added: -codegen amd64, -codegen x86, -default-type type, -profile-val {false|true}.

      • Changed: -stop f (file listing now includes .mlb files).

    • Bytecode codegen.

      • Support for exception history.

      • Support for profiling.

  • Language.

  • Libraries.

    • Basis Library.

      • Added: PackWord16Big, PackWord16Little, PackWord64Big, PackWord64Little.

      • Bug fixes: see changelog.

    • MLton structure.

      • Added: MLTON_MONO_ARRAY, MLTON_MONO_VECTOR, MLTON_REAL, MLton.BinIO.tempPrefix, MLton.CharArray, MLton.CharVector, MLton.Exn.defaultTopLevelHandler, MLton.Exn.getTopLevelHandler, MLton.Exn.setTopLevelHandler, MLton.IntInf.BigWord, Mlton.IntInf.SmallInt, MLton.LargeReal, MLton.LargeWord, MLton.Real, MLton.Real32, MLton.Real64, MLton.Rlimit.Rlim, MLton.TextIO.tempPrefix, MLton.Vector.create, MLton.Word.bswap, MLton.Word8.bswap, MLton.Word16, MLton.Word32, MLton.Word64, MLton.Word8Array, MLton.Word8Vector.

      • Changed: MLton.Array.unfoldi, MLton.IntInf.rep, MLton.Rlimit, MLton.Vector.unfoldi.

      • Deprecated: MLton.Socket.

    • Other libraries.

  • Tools.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since Release20051202, see the changelog and Bugs20051202.

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