[MLton] survey

Daniel C. Wang danwang@CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed, 05 Jan 2005 17:12:40 -0500

For the list of features, it would be nice if people could prioritize them...
i.e. on a scale of 1-10... or at lest place an ordering on the importance of 
those features...

Stephen Weeks wrote:
> I put up a first cut of this year's survey at
> 	http://mlton.org/Survey
> Please have a look and make any suggestions for improvements,
> questions you'd like to see asked, questions you'd like to answer :-),
> etc.  I plan to finalize and announce the survey this weekend or next
> week.  The submit button is currently not enabled, so people don't get
> confused and think we are ready for submissions.
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